The WORTH Partnership Project Second Call came to a close last week, and we are blown away with the successful response we have received from designer, makers and tech firms. The applicants resulted in 183 project proposals received, which involved over 380 partners from 33 EU-COSME associated countries.

From this point the evaluation process will begin, which involves the submitted project proposals being evaluated by the renowned experts of the WORTH Steering Board members. The evaluation process is divided into two stages, the pre-selection and the final assessment.

The pre-selection process involves the shortlisting of finalists who will be announced in January 2019. The finalist partnerships will then be invited to join the final assessment WORTH Weekend 2019 event to take place in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain which will occur in early March 2019, dates are yet to be determined. The WORTH Weekend event is the last step of the evaluation process where the Steering Board of experts will reach a verdict of the final list of projects proposed to receive funding.

Applicants will receive feedback on the status of their applications and finalists will be provided with guidelines to prepare a successful participation in the WORTH Weekend event, where they will have the opportunity to present their projects, exchange knowledge and receive specialized advice on their project implementation.

We would like to thank all of those who applied and supported the WORTH Partnership Project and for being part of the WORTH movement dedicated to supporting and improving the creative industry into an innovative and better future.

Keep up with updates through our social media channels and our website and stay tuned for a new call for applications to be launched in 2019!


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