We are very happy to present that the WORTH Partnership Project is coming to Belgrade in Serbia on 7th of October 2019!

WORTH is pleased to invite you to the to the 3rd Open Call informative session Inspiring innovation through creative connections across Europe to be held at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, main meeting room.

If you are interested in becoming part of the WORTH community that will offer you a funding coaching, international product showcases and networking, come along to learn more about the benefits offered by this EU Incubation Programme.

Get to know all the relevant information regarding the Project with talks given by University of Belgrade representatives, presentations of successful winners from the 2nd call, testimonials but Balkan participants, an opportunity to network and time for questions and answers.

Attendants will also be given a free e-book of “T-shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” by International business advisor, WORTH community member and author David Parrish.

This informative session is free of charge, simply confirm your participation by sending an email to: Biljana.jovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs or katarina.lazic@sfb.bg.ac.rs.

Location: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, Kneza Viseslava street, no. 1, 11030 Belgrade (main meeting room)
Organizers: University of Belgrade.


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