Last week the WORTH Partnership Project was present with our booth during the Milan Design Week’s SuperDesign Show 2019 which is exhibited at the SuperStudio Più in the Tortona district of Milan.

All of our amazing 1st call winning projects were exhibited during the week for the very first time, giving press and the public the opportunity to meet the partners in person and get to know each project.

For those who came to visit, we were in the central square of SuperStudio with our easily identifiable iconic signage and array of amazing projects on display.

This was a wonderful experience for everyone involved, giving the final prototypes and the hard work each partnership has put in to get to this point, the exposure of an international audience rich with industry professionals, potential collaborators and admirers of innovation in design.

This was one of the two international events that is offered to the winners of the WORTH Partnership Project to ensure the success of their innovative prototypes on the market. through the benefits of the project that add up to 60.000€, as well as receiving seed money and professional coaching, winning partners also receive exposure on an international scale.

To be a part of the WORTH Partnership Project, apply for the third call which is now open. Apply here!


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