In a recent interview with Laura Miguel Baumann Spain WORTH ambassador we learned more about her current initiatives and the challenges and importance of sustaining creative activity in her home country.


How do you feel that your work is contributing to the progression of your countries’ creative industry and that of Europe as a whole?

At Fundesarte we promote Spanish crafts in Spain as well as abroad. It is a priority of our programs to promote, value and communicate the quality of craft products and the sustainability of its production processes. We feel that we are contributing to a better understanding of the crafts sector among the general audience.

What is the most prominent challenge affecting your countries’ creative industry and how may you suggest overcoming this?
The lack of support of the authorities and the low value that the public shows for this industry.

Do you feel it is important to sustain aspects of creativity in your country in regard to innovation, preservation of heritage values and ancient techniques?
It is a key element. Without innovation and design, we can lose some of our heritage.

What are some current events or initiatives you have taken part in and wish to promote further, what was your involvement in these?
We organise the Spanish National Craft Awards, we coordinate the European Craft Days in Spain, we are generating a debate on crafts involving other related sectors, we organise exhibitions on crafts, among others. Furthermore, we are participating from this month on in two European funded projects to promote European Crafts and research on its value in the European economy.


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