The WORTH Team is pleased to inform that the evaluation process has been finalised with amazing results! 85 finalist projects have been pre-selected within the WORTH second call for proposals.

The renowned experts of the Steering board have pre-selected the finalist partnerships, who will be invited to attend the Final Assessment Event WORTH Weekend to be held in Valencia, Spain on the 1st – 2nd March at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

The 85 shortlisted projects are formed by two or three partners from all over Europe. Participants from 27 different EU-COSME associated countries are part of the shortlisted projects. The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom are the largest communities of finalists. The textile sector represents over than 40% of the shortlisted projects, followed by the furniture and accessories sectors, while the footwear sector represents 9 %, jewellery 6 % and leather 2 % of the shortlisted projects respectively.

The finalist projects will be informed about the results within the coming days. The WORTH Weekend in Valencia will be the final event where the winning projects will be selected. One of the key factors of the WORTH Weekend is the participation of international experts of the Steering Board that will not only assist directly in shaping the projects, but will speak candidly of their professional expertise to the group. Insightful lectures are also organized.

Keep up with updates through our social media channels and our website and stay tuned for a new call for applications to be launched in mid-April 2019!


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