Senior Buyer Textiles Wibra / Bureau Brems / NITTO.Amsterdam 3D textiles / Co-Founder KNIT-O-MAT

Bureau Brems is an expert in textile innovation. With a huge knowledge about how you can get your vision into new concepts and products which your customers want to buy. Both for BtB and BtC. Bureau Brems uses this expertise also for the possibilities of UPPS Knitting-on-Demand. Hightech knitting will change the way we think about production of all textile products. Personalized products, in size, colour, design and even shape, will be produced nearby. Even perhaps locally instead of in bulk in a distant country.

In 2015 De Breihub was born, the idea that 3D-knitting technology anddata can help textile production become transparent, sustainable and local. In 2016 this idea developed into 2 concepts, fashion and home textiles, and an on-demand production system, KNIT-O-MAT.

The brand NITTO.Amsterdam was launched in 2016 to start this development for accessories and upholstery fabrics.