At the WORTH Partnership Project we believe that the key to the future of the creative industry in Europe is working together. Not just through collaboration within the same field, but also through collaborations between different sectors and countries, establishing new and innovative outcomes.

It is therefore with pleasure that we introduce the work of u-institut für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln in Berlin who are doing their part to make it easier to bring these collaborations together.

The u-institut für unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln promotes the potentials of the cultural and creative industries, develops strategies and builds bridges between different sectors and organizations. Its portfolio ranges from developing the entrepreneurial mindset of creators through capacity building, consulting on relevant economic and societal developments to creating interdisciplinary formats and initiating innovation projects with experimental project structures as well as organizing nationwide and international tenders and network campaigns.

Every year, the u-institut awards 32 companies from the culture and creative industries as “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland” on behalf of the Federal Government. They are looking for people who show courage and commitment and keep asking themselves: What can be improved by me? It is an award for companies, the self-employed, start-ups and projects from the cultural and creative industries and their intersections to other sectors.

Apply from 15 May – 30 June!

For more information, head to their website here.

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