During the WORTH Weekend Valencia earlier this year, British Council had a big part in the happenings of the event. They were involvement in our Steering Board team, which includes Kendal Robbins the senior project manager of the architecture, design and fashion team, but they also presented the British Council Sustainability award.

The award was given to two of the shortlisted projects from the 2nd call who pitched their proposals to the WORTH team during the weekend. The two projects were selected by the jury which included Kendall Robbins and Ludovic Assemant, the head of arts at British Council Spain. They were selected based on their focus on sustainability, creativity and their potential to transform the industry.

The two projects that were presented the award were:

TAUKO a sustainable Nordic fashion house based in Helsinki, Finland.
RUTIKS OÜ an Estonian based sewing company, which started operating in 1999.

All-seasons 2into1 quilted coat made of recycled materials.”
The key feature of the project is to show how local reused materials can be turned into high quality fashion. The materials that the project is focused on are sourced from local textile rental companies that offer similar selections all over Europe. The material flow is endless and the quality of these products is extremely high. By reusing the textiles from the rental textile services the amount of textiles waste and the need to produce virgin textiles with lot of resources is minimized.

MAYYA SALIBA: circular fashion brand based between Berlin and Amsterdam.
LENA THE FASHION LIBRARY: concept store based on the reuse philosophy in Amsterdam.
GREENBUZZ AMSTERDAM: peer-to-peer network for professionals interested in sustainability based in the Netherlands.

Design for societal change
Together with their partners Lena Fashion Library and GreenBuzz Amsterdam, Mayya Saliba will investigate the future of circular fashion in a shared economy. Product driven, the 9 months project focuses on the role of design in inducing societal change. The collection of circular clothing and accessories will be tested and optimised to be specifically meant for a rental system. Paralleled by a consumption study, the research will test circular fashion’s incentives and obstacles from a customer perspective. The outcome will be shared as an Open-Source documentation for designers and textile companies to create in a better way, and ultimately accelerate a circular economy.  

The winners will now be given the opportunity to train in one of the world’s leading design and fashion institutions, based in the United Kingdom. In addition, the winners will be able to attend European meetings organised by the British Council in Spain, Greece and France, and present their work at these meetings of industry professionals.

Find out more information regarding British Council through their website here.

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