Part of the WORTH Partnership Project’s objective is to create a community of support, not only for creative individuals, but also for other incentives that aim to ensure the future of the creative industry.

One of those amazing organizations is ACTE, who aims to support the European textile, clothing, leather, footwear, and fashion accessories industries into the future, while preserving the interests of its members – both territorial collectivities and adherent organisations.

ACTE has established a rich network of around 30 municipalities around Europe that is made up of about 2.000.000 people. The associated members of the network have a common denominator of having a business development model relating to the textile and fashion sectors. There is also the addition of institutions that occupy the textile industry, local development agencies, research in textile, design, education and more.

All of these contributions to the community have established a network made up of people and organizations from all walks of life that have come together to evolve the design industry and amplify efforts to ensure a positive future.

The members of the network collaborate and work together, resulting in the connection of people and ideas – and by sharing experiences and insights – they inspire individuals, industries and territories to also collaborate and improve.

This is all to ensure that any challenges that effect the creative industry within Europe including European textile, clothing, leather, footwear and fashion accessories industries, can be overcome together.

Discover more about them through their website here.


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