Get ready to be inspired with these two second call winning projects. One common thread running through these projects are the fact that they create goods using leather, however each of them in their own unconventional way whether its through the use of recycled leather or a whole other type of process. Take a look to discover how some of our second call projects have revolutionized leather making!

Combining innovative technologies and materials with traditional leather crafting techniques, 2nd call project Gelatex x NO/AN creates high-end bag collection from sustainable Gelatex material. The bags are made of innovative and eco-friendly Gelatex textile, which is made using only non-toxic substances and gelatin derived from the low value waste of livestock industries, transforming waste into something much more valuable!

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A collaboration between Cartiera and Swideas second call project Change, is a collection of high quality #leather goods that combines creativity and #sustainability through the use of fabrics and reused high quality #leather realized by #artisans in marginalized communities. 

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