Wearable device, design products and fashion IOT: a concrete demonstration of how innovation, creativity and transnational collaborations can find solutions to help you practice your favourite sport in the best way possible

Optimising performance in sport is an essential element in which intelligent clothing can create clear added value: the Worth Partnership Project projects, thanks to the integration of advanced technologies into sportswear, have proposed solutions to meet the needs of those who practice sports, especially outdoors, help prevent hypothermia and related health problems.


Germany & Spain

A light, waterproof jacket that protects the most important parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders and kidneys thanks to the addition of heating wires incorporated into the texture. Control of the temperature can be managed directly through a special App connected to a battery inserted in the jacket, which allows you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

The lithium polymer battery is enclosed in a specially designed protective cover, which aims to provide greater security against shocks, and in case of contact with water or fire.



Germany & Greece

If the internal body temperature falls below 35°C / 95°F, serious health problems can occur: this effect is called hypothermia, and without rapid intervention the consequences can be serious, such as shock, coma or cardiac arrest. To prevent this from happening, especially for water sports such as sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, SMART LIFE JACKET presents the solution: a life jacket equipped with a real-time geolocation system that allows you to reduce rescue procedures by 90%; a heating system to reduce hypothermic symptoms and an emergency button that directly contacts the rescue teams in the area where you are in danger with your accurate positioning.


Greece & Spain

Because each person has a different anatomical condition, individual training based on continuous analysis of movement data, vital signs and muscle work can provide optimal results, avoiding the negative consequences associated especially with excessive effort.

Feel more knitwear is knitted garment integrated with biometric data sensors that can detect and evaluate the physical health of the person wearing it. By downloading the app you can see your heart rate, body temperature and other parameters, so you can always keep track of your physical condition and performance during a workout. Integrating into the fabric of sportswear, without the need for external devices or wires, it is perfectly comfortable for everyone and also easily laundered.

Basic financial support, coaching and personalised mentoring, market positioning, protection of intellectual property and two international events for a total value of 60,000 €: this is what those who decide to participate in the third call of the WORTH Partnership Project will receive. The initiative is a four-year project financed by the COSME programme of the European Union, which aims to encourage the development of innovative products through transnational collaborations between designers, traditional and digital craftsmen, SMEs, start-ups and tech signatories.

The Project Involves all sectors of the creative industry: from fashion/textiles, to footwear, furniture/decorations for the home, leather/furs, jewellery and accessories. In particular, applicants will have to show a strong interest in collaborating, creating and innovating on a transnational basis. The jury that will select the winners will be made up of international experts who will evaluate the projects on the basis of their attitude towards innovation, their social and environmental impact, their technical and industrial feasibility and their market potential.