The project

The idea behind the project is to transform rustic wool, not often used in the textile industry into customisable, robot-tufted carpets by adding value through high-impact design, creativity and high-quality processes. The project uses two types of Italian wool and will have impact in the territory as presently this wool has no industrial application. This combination will allow high levels of product personalisation. The product will help to foster the carpet sector in Europe, which is suffering from competition from emerging economies and will preserve the heritage and tradition of the sector in Europe through the combination of highly modular design that allows high levels of personalisation and the process applied to this specific raw material. The aim of the project is to have a cross sectoral impact demonstrating that this raw material could have applications in other sectors.

Lottozero (Italy)

Centre for textile design, art and culture. They operate both as a creative hub and as a consultancy studio. Their headquarters are divided into a gallery, a shared studio space and an open lab for textile production, experimentation and research. They support the development of emerging talents and brands through scouting and residencies, and by facilitating the exchange between them and the traditional companies of the region. 

Margaux Minodier (France)

Textile designer interested in crossovers between artisanal and industrial techniques. After a Bachelor in Textile Design, in Lyon (France), at the Fine Art School, he moved to Brussels (Belgium) to study traditional tapestry and weaving, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.  

Casalis (Belgium)

CASALIS designs and produces contemporary interior applications based on textiles, for private dwellings as well as for public spaces. Carpets, objects and acoustic panels, which are functional as well as artistic, meet the very highest standards. The company respects the traditional crafts and the curiosity after technological developments.