An environmentally-respectful garment

The project

An environmentally-respectful garment, manufactured by combining textiles and 3D printed elements with properties capable of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

waag society (Netherlands)

Institute for art, science and technology, which uses a multidisciplinary approach. It is profiled as a creative and public research institute with different digital, learning and material labs. Waag Society—institute for art, science and technology—is a pioneer in the field of digital media.


noumena (Spain)

Multidisciplinary practice operating for six years between Spain, France, Italy, Austria and India, bringing together digital design and advanced research to accomplish technology-oriented solutions. Design, research and education represent the main focus areas in which the company operates.


primlab (Spain)

Young company active since September 2016, after more than three years of research and studies towards each of their Patents, filed at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office between 2016 and 2017.