Wear-Abouts Baltic Sea


The project

What if illustrations could step out of books, into textile designs? What would they say about the intriguing stories that inspired their creation and how would they speak to their wearers? Through WEAR-ABOUTS we aim to explore this possibility by creating interactive children clothes with ‘a deeper meaning’. We work with local illustrators to uncover hidden local imaginaries that become printed patterns and can be read through a dedicated app to uncover more content. Our whole creation process is deeply rooted in design-driven innovation, environmental connection and sustainability, in order to restitute to the public a real immersion in Baltic Sea countries.


Founded by Laetitia Barbu, aims to integrate a design thinking approach into activities and projects such as sustainable tourism development, cultural heritage and CCI activities in Europe. After graduating from the Applied Arts – Academie Charpentier and fine arts public school EESATI, where she studied graphic design and new technologies, Laetitia kept integrating her creative and artistic skills into her work.

EITHNE (Italy)

Sicilian SME created by Ruxandra Lupu. The company’s transdisciplinary projects shape new ways of thinking and understanding culture and travel by using co-creative design operations, management of cultural heritage, artistic practice and visual communication.

MODUS (Finland)

MODUS has established itself as a nationally-renowned and highly-regarded association that promotes professional design, arts and crafts. Modus has extensive experience in international projects and supports more than 50 professional maker-designers on a weekly basis. The design manager of Modus Ry – Taina Laaksonen has vast experience as a designer and has developed many collections based on the local cultural heritage. She is a creative producer, designer and educator, active in several fields of design, cultural heritage & digital culture. She has worked for large cultural institutions including both design universities in Helsinki, with the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (NY) and at the same time in micro-projects elsewhere in Finland and abroad. She holds degrees in design, digital culture and entrepreneurship.