The project

S.O.F. started from 2 main natural products. MuSkin a 100 % vegetable layer, alternative to animal leather. It comes from a large parasitic fungus (Phellinus ellipsoideus) that attacks the trees in the subtropical forests and Lactae Hevea soles made from the milk of the Hevea tree. The soles are oil free, made from a recyclable material, obtained from a unique and ageless know-how. The aim is to use the most natural materials existing nowadays and produce a designer footwear collection. The project will not only work with natural raw material but will demonstrate alternatives for the use of oil components and glues in a completely environmentally friendly footwear range and will enhance local manual manufacturing opening up the world of biomaterials in the fashion industry in combination with smart design.

Kristel Peters (Belgium)

More than 20 years’ experience within the shoes industry: from making shoes to measure, ergonomic knowledge of shoes, teaching the art of shoe drawing, to designing shoes for the High Fashion Industry (e.g. Dries Van Noten and Bottega Veneta). Kristel works in the cross-disciplinary field of shoe design, research and education. To each field, she brings the same strong intention to design and create sustainable approaches and exploring new circular businesses for future proof fashion & shoe industry.

RELTEX (France)

RELTEX is a medium size company that, since its creation in France in 1970, has produced soles made directly from the liquid milk of the Hevea tree using a manual process unique in the world. The main steps consist of pouring the Hevea milk into moulds, cooking the milk and submerging the soles into fresh water and then oven-drying the them for 4 days.