UCQC Inclusive


The project

It started at an international fashion workshop four years ago in Ljubljana where Maja Simunovic Fashion designer and Hedvig af Ekenstam Industrial designer met and got touched by the story of young Katarina.
Katarina was in a car accident early years and became tetraplegic. She is in wheelchair but strives to be as independent as possible, also when it comes to dressing. Hedvig and Maja realised there is a real need to rethink mainstream fittings and open up for new standards, material combinations and inclusive designs for people like Katarina with physical restrictions.

Maja Simunovic (Croatia)

Senior fashion designer, interested in making fashionable and functional clothes for disabled people. Maja graduated from the Faculty of Textile technology, Zagreb, Croatia. She has more than 10 years’ experience working as a designer and as head of the design department. She is also co-founder of the brand Roba. 

Hedvig Af Ekenstam (Slovenia)

Senior product designer with a background in textiles. She aims to create fashionable clothes for people with disabilities. She graduated in Industrial design at Konstfack Stockholm. Currently she focuses on product design and textile design boundaries and she is participating in the development of Hedra, clothes for elderly people.