The project

Producing e-textile wearable toys will encourage children to explore other ways of playing and use their imagination. The challenge of the project is to create different toys for children using light as something visible but untouchable, in combination with a tactile material. The textile torch is also helpful and practical for using outside in poor light or as a night light. The sustainability aspect is also considered, as all the toys will be produced from fabric waste and be recyclable.   

Barbro Scholz (Germany)

BARBRO SCHOLZ is one of the founders of Stühmer Scholz Designbüro based in Hamburg. The company’s core knowledge is in the field of textile technology and design development from idea to prototype. Barbro is an artist and textile designer. She has a background in design with a focus on electronic textiles and interaction. Her interest is in the impact of designed objects especially textiles with their poetic tactile character. 

Paula Veske (Estonia)

PAULA VESKE is a PhD student at Ghent University. Her previous knowledge was gained in textile and apparel engineering. Paula has over 4 years’ experience in different clothing and textile related fields in development and manufacturing companies. She is also in charge of smart textile products and production activities.