The project

Confronted with the problem of plastic pollution at sea side, New Relation got triggered by the irony that our waste is being sent back to us by the waves. The sea became the metaphor of the circularity of ecosystems we live in, revealing the absurdity to think that we can get rid of something or don’t have to deal with something once it’s out of sight.

New Relation wants to challenge the concept of waste by reconsidering the afterlife of a product. They propose an entirely recycled and recyclable high-end designer bag made of repurposed ghost fishing nets and regenerated nylon fabric.

New Relation (France)

New Relation   is a Paris-based project by fashion designer Mattia Akkermans and artist-choreographer Morgan Belenguer. The project articulates itself around the notion of the Anthropocene in its complexity and ambiguity. It reflects on this new era of fragility, unsettledness and general vulnerability from which emerges the search for a new contract, a new belonging and therefore a new aesthetic, one of limits.

Mattia Akkermans is a Dutch fashion designer graduated with honours from Artez, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands in 2011. After graduation she has been working for several French fashion houses such as Saint Laurent and Chloé, among others. Graduated from Rudra Béjart Lausanne, Morgan Belenguer is a French artist- choreographer. He made work for various theaters such as Hannover Staatstheater, Braunschweig Staatstheater and exhibited at PROGRAM, PSM Berlin and Palais de Tokyo,Paris among others.

Polymer Sience Park (Netherlands)

POLYMER SCIENCE PARK leader in recycling innovative plastics in the Netherlands, since its founding in 2012. In addition to R & D services, they also offer consulting, production and testing, training programs and a centre of learning for students and beginners. The company specialises in the Circular Economy and Intelligent Technology transforming its clients’ strategies into sustainable products that preserve the environment, thereby improving the world we live in.