The Little Wedding Company Customisable Jewellery Range’


The project

A range of jewellery using plated metals and semi-precious gemstones engraving custom lettering, messages and dates. The jewellery includes forms, which will work across the range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks and will include colours that complement their existing products so brides can design their own jewellery. The project will blend artisan jewellery techniques with digital manufacturing (3D printing and laser etching) to create a customisable, hand-crafted piece of original work.

The Little Wedding Company Ltd. (United Kingdom)

THE LITTLE WEDDING COMPANY mass-customisation, e-commerce business, where brides can design wedding products, from outfits to cakes. Making it easier for brides to coordinate their whole wedding.

Marven (Italy)

MARVEN creates jewellery characterised by strong and innovative traits, experimenting with different materials, such as precious and semiprecious metals, stones, pearls, leather, resin, Murano glass and fabric.
They collaborate with designers, fashion designers, architects and artists, by using great technical expertise to develop customised projects starting from the prototype up to the finished product, with services such as 3D printing and laser etching.