THC: the hemp collection


The project

A new concept of sustainable furniture, an “organic” chair made using natural material such as hemp waste, mycelium and textiles.  The basis is a soft, rounded chair grown with agricultural waste (hemp) and mycelium that will act as a binder for the biomass, the product takes its natural final shape guided by the natural grown of the mycelium. After two weeks the product is baked off to stop the growth of the microorganisms. The chair is completed with a sustainable, hand-made textile upholstery using only natural materials with an appealing design. The cover will be easily interchangeable to produce different products with the same basic structure.

Krown Design (Netherlands)

KROWN DESIGN It is a Dutch company working with mycelium. A microorganism which is the root structure of fungi. They grow them in a mould to make beautiful products in organic forms.

La Gadoue Atelier (Belgium)

LA GADOUE produces objects that reconnect people to materials, connecting craft and industry by reinventing techniques and processes. The company wants to use their expertise in textiles as alternatives to plant leather and have developed a natural latex coating from the sap of the hevea tree.