t-Studio - 3D fashion design network


The project

T-Studio is developing 3 technologies that work together seamlessly, allowing real-time product design and collaboration across the entire fashion supply chain: The project will develop garments using this innovative simulation technique that offers physically-correct optics and provides realistic draping effects.  

T-STUDIO (Sweden)

T-STUDIO Alexandre Lordelo is the founder of t-Studio AB, selected as one of the top 20 fashion/tech innovations in 2018, by Global Change Award (the largest award in fashion and circularity). He started his first business in 2006, a clothing retailer called Quintal. From the years building the business, it became clear how messy the design/production process is and he began working on a tool to simplify the workflow of the entire fashion industry. 

KRN LABS (Poland)

KRN LABS Przemyslaw Korzeniowski, PhD Postdoc researcher and developer of virtual/augmented reality simulation software. His current work concentrates on virtual reality medical simulators for surgical training. His main research interests are real-time physically based simulators, high-performance and massively parallel computing, virtual and augmented reality, haptic interfaces as well as aspects of software engineering and architecture of simulation software.