Sukka - reinventing the traditional sock product


The project

The project aims to foster sock manufacture in rural areas of Sweden creating a design-oriented brand specialising in premium, high-quality and sustainable socks made with cellulosic fibres of botanic origin, recycled cotton, or polyamide, standing out among its competitors by highlighting the sustainability and the traceability of the fibre itself.

Carolina Forss (Finland)

CAROLINA FORSS & ANNI RAASMAJA met at Aalto University in Finland while studying fashion and Textile. They both graduated with an MA from Central Saint Martins. They have a shared interest in textile development and searching for innovative solutions through collaborative work. Their experience comes from working in companies as different as Eckhaus Latta, Acne Studios and H&M. 

Triconor AB (Sweden)

TRICONOR AB independent sock manufacturer with almost 50 years’ experience, established in 1969 in Orviken, Sweden. They manufacture a wide range of underwear and socks in different materials and their expertise is in creating long-lasting and comfortable socks from short-fibre yarns.