Sole sustainability


The project

Since 2016 Peterson Stoop is repairing secondhand Nike, Adidas and Converse shoes. They replace the soles and by doing this they give the shoes a new life. By adding a new design to the shoes, people see the beauty and value of the old and worn shoes. Peterson Stoop are always searching for a more sustainable solution in their production process. The Worth Partnership made it possible to collaborate with Givans Fondi. Givans Fondi is specialized in TPU sole production. Together they are creating a TPU sole that is recyclable. This material minimises wast during production, because all offcuts can be reused. Follow our sustainability journey.

PETERSON STOOP (Netherlands)

PETERSON STOOP genderless footwear brand based in Amsterdam. Currently all products are designed and produced by the founders Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop. They recycle and upcycle sneakers that would otherwise have been thrown away. Both founders are MA and BA graduates from ArtEZ, University of Arts, Arnhem and The Royal College of Art, London. Their work is backed up by the numerous collaborative projects they have been involved in, working at a shoe repair shop and leather tannery.

Givans Fondi sas (Italy)

GIVANS FONDI SAS specialises in the production of soles. The company also has the EU eco-label certificate. Givans Fondi was established in 1994 in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Italy. In 2011, they moved their factory to Monte Urano, in Marche, Italy. They produce soles for men and women from diverse materials (TPU, PVC and TR) and can also make personalised colours.