A backpack with built-in alarm

The project

Development of a backpack with built-in alarm connected to an app that increases security in our daily lives.

Skarabeos (Austria)

(Wolfgang Langedar) – design expert and creative leader. He has 15 years experience in Fashion Business and founded Utope, a company for Wearable design products and consulting in 2012. In 2013 he achieved international success and was awarded a Red Dot/Best of the Best for the realization of Sporty Supahero, one of the very first products to use stretchable electronics.


Spin off from Fraunhofer IZM and TU Berlin, resulting from the successful development of technologies for fabrication of products in the fields of textile and stretchable electronic systems. Stretchable Circuits provides engineering services and project management for flexible and stretchable electronic systems. Due to the almost unlimited possible applications, these new systems also provide previously unknown solutions in the fields of lighting technology, design, and the automotive technology.