The project

A modular, multi-functional jewellery collection that creates sensual experiences using different materials (perfume, leather or message stones) combining artisanship, design thinking & technology, bringing a new modular system to wearable objects. Exploring sensual experiences (smell + touch) in fashion. The core materials will be recycled silver and crystal/message stones combined with special perfumes using the design as inspiration for confident body relationships. The project will bring together different sectors: fashion, jewellery and the tradition of the old perfumers creating synergies and sharing knowledge and experiences.

WISP LTD (United Kingdom)

WISP LTD founded by Wan Tseng, a Female-Tech entrepreneur, focuses on “Sensuality Design” to bring tech and wellbeing together; she also teaches Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Her background in industrial design and designing commercial electronics specialising in human factor and user experience design, will help her as leader in charge of the core design concept, embedded tech + modular system development, product usability (user test), and the future branding & marketing.

Luci di Stelle (Italy)

LUCI DI STELLE 24 years’ experience in goldsmith craftsmanship, which included;  metalwork prototyping, jewellery cleaning, polishing, casting, wax injection, galvanic baths of different colours, engraving and laser etching.

Harry Sherwood (United Kingdom)

HARRY SHERWOOD independent perfumer and scent engineer working to supply innovative fragrances for a variety of products. He also runs workshops to teach the knowledge of “perfume and how to make your own scent”. He believes his perfumes create all kinds of experiences.