The project

To provide sustainable, functional and clinically-proven garments for premature babies, in the right size and without compromising the garment’s life-saving functionality. The collection includes specially-designed functional garments for premature babies that provide them with identity and safety, made from breathable, organic and natural materials. The functional design will consider the baby’s comfort by using seamless constructions and biofibres, while providing the medical care staff with telemetric one-hand pockets that allow tubes, wires and needles to be inserted where necessary. The design will also include a range of bright, neutral colours with different prints which helps the parents feel at home, and able to bond through an everyday task like dressing their baby.


Founded by Diana Svensson, a fashion designer & PR expert based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has 12 years’ experience in retail and solid background in luxury fabrics and materials. Diana also works as a fashion & trend writer for Swedish magazines and as a marketing manager for the world’s largest art lifestyle brand. 

RAPIFE (Spain)

RAPIFE is a family business established in 1964 with extensive experience in knitwear. The company has several clothing lines and they offer pattern making and sewing services. The company covers all market segments: knitwear for men, women and children and baby clothes, all made of brushed cotton and certified by Öekotex to ensure they are free from harmful substances.