'Parameter' Table


The project

To design a multifunctional table that can be easily customised to individual users’ needs (using an online interface as product configurator) and manufactured on demand via local manufacturers, wasteful overproduction will be eliminated, and materials will only be used when products are needed. Following the principles of ‘Design for Disassembly’, the table not only solves logistical transport problems but is also easy to recycle and/or re-manufacture the unnecessary pieces helping to build a new economy based on fair distribution of value (Open manufacturing). 

Paolo de Jesus (Germany)

Berlin based product and furniture designer. He offers bespoke design, product development and visualisation services for private clients, interior designers, design agencies, architects and start-ups. He has previously worked as the Head of Production at David Gill Gallery and was a founding director of design and manufacturing consultancy – ‘We Make Extraordinary Objects’. He has now setup ‘Process & Intent’. 

Shapediver (Austria)

Online platform specialising in parametric 3D. Their technology is mainly applied to the creation of product configurators across different industries that can be integrated into almost any website. Their motivation is to bring parametric modelling to the web, and to make it a smooth, convenient and exciting experience for both designers and viewers. They want to offer the flexibility of mass customisation to every company, in a simple web browser.