The project

Creating a portable extension of digital sales rooms to highlight new collections to buyers, using Virtual Reality headsets as a new product research, made from innovative sustainable materials and with fashionable aesthetics. 3D-designed VR headsets with materials/tactile and VR training content to reduce waste in the design room. The headset can also be used as a marketing and consumer-engagement wearable installation in shops or at trade show events. The idea is to play with the human-centred design and decorate the headsets with jewellery or fashion accessories using sustainable materials.

Emilie Burkal Cohrt (Denmark)

EMILIE BURKAL COHRT founder of Studio Cohrt, a highly value-driven, multidisciplinary design studio that specialises in using human-centred design practices to create meaningful interpersonal connections through wearable technologies that are both fashionable and socially innovative.

Bushra Burge Studio Ltd (United Kingdom)

Bushra Burge Studio Ltd. creative technology company, which focuses on engaging ways to tell stories using a considered and innovative user-centred design process to harness successfully the newest technology.