The project

To create a new footwear brand with plants based materials. By selecting the right materials, a 100% natural shoe could be achieved. This means that shoes would be both vegan and from sustainable renewable sources. Serisole will support this social change by nurturing more considered and informed consumer behaviour.

Benjamin Hall (United Kingdom)

BENJAMIN JOHN HALL highly experienced footwear designer based in London who also works as brand consultant and design lecturer at London’s top fashion universities. His close collaboration with top companies, like Clarks International, among others, underlines his experience in both brand image creation and design for the project.

Maria Moreira (Portugal)

Maria Ferreira Moreira has over 18 years’ experience in sourcing, developing and managing the production of footwear for both large international and smaller companies. She has been working across both men and women’s footwear collections. Her role as a representative of the Pilar Shoes Factory in Portugal is as remarkable as her territorial knowledge on Portuguese footwear industrial districts.