The project

The project aims to develop a sustainable fashion collection of multifunctional designer textile objects, which can be transformed from clothing into home textiles. The collection will consist of 10–15 items made by using different natural fibres and creative technologies such as plant dyeing, weaving, knitting, and felting. The product packaging and labelling will clearly display the sustainability processes. The project combines various textile technologies creatively, maintaining the heritage, tradition and knowledge of the countries involved, offering a unique author’s aesthetic together with craftmanship since all the collection is handmade.

Balta balta (Lithuania)

BALTA BALTA is company from a creative group of six young and experienced artists in Lithuanian textile design. The group offers handmade fashion and home textile products, and also teaches dyeing with vegetable dyes. All their products are based on environmentally friendly materials and principles. In 2016, the group opened a small boutique in the old town of Vilnius where they sell their products.  

Davis Licitis (Latvia)

DAVIS LICITIS founder and key artist of PAPER JAM, a company that creates design events. Davis graduated at the Art Academy of Latvia, Faculty of Design in 2003. Since then he has participated in various art projects, worked on film sets, events design etc. until he founded his own company in 2011.