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The project

KICS aims to overcome these obstacles by introducing a new approach: co-design sewing kits, with groups of beginners and intermediate sewers, in a social sewing environment, as well as knitting cafés. The kits will include the garment already cut into pieces, detailed sewing instructions (providing photos and videos) and other components needed (yarns, needles, zips, buttons, ribbons, elastic bands and so on). In addition, the kits can also include a guide for the managers of sewing cafés, identifying difficult aspects or the type of support that may be needed in-house. The idea is to support and foster the social role that sewing cafés play nowadays by offering an innovative product that encourages the participation of inexperienced sewers in this collaborative experience preserving locally-produced garments and fostering craftmanship in Europe.

Gullo Filati (ITALY)

Gullo Filati is a historical haberdashery located in Palermo. For over 50 years Gullo Filati has been serving the regional, national and international wholesale market with yarns and fabrics. In 2016 the company launched the first open-air Knitting Café, gathering participants around tables under umbrellas in Santa Anna Square. The initiative was a great success, so they repeated the event on a monthly then weekly basis in early 2017 until now when the workshops take place several times a week.

TCoE (United Kingdom)

The Textile Centre of Excellence located in Huddersfield, UK, offers quality assured, flexible training at all levels from pre-entry traineeships to foundation degree equivalent programmes. The Centre is an approved BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 organisation, holds the ‘Matrix’ standard for Information, Advance and Guidance (IAG) and has secured the Creative Skillset Industry Tick for industry relevant training and skills provision. The Centre operates as a Group Training Association and works closely with its member firms to ensure the voice of the industry steers skills development. The Textile Centre of Excellence also works with a range of public and private sector organisations to help develop activity to stimulate innovation and to enhance skills in areas of relevance to the region’s manufacturing industry.