Design of LED connections between circuits and optical fibres

The project

LULU V2 Design of LED connections between an electrical circuit and optical fibres, as a solution for designers and manufacturers of electronic textiles.

Maurin Donneaud (france)

Specialized in interaction design and physical computing, he develops projects between crafts and technology. One of his researches consists of rehabilitating gesture into digital media handling to enrich Human Computer Interaction and enhance crafts through the use of smart technology. He collaborates with technicians, artists, researchers, fashion designers and textile companies. He has been involved in textile design schools such as ENSCI (Paris – France), ENSAD (Paris- France), ENSAAMA (Paris – France), ESBA (Le Mans – France).

Mika Satomi, Hannah Perner-Wilson (germany)

Formed of Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson who have been collaborating since 2006. They explore the use of textile crafts and electronics as a medium for commenting on technological aspects of today’s “high-tech” society. KOBAKANT believes in the spirit of humouring technology, often presenting their work as a twisted criticism of the stereotypes surrounding textile craftsmanship and electrical engineering.