IOT Jacket & Robot


The project

The hospitality industry is a major employer in Europe. The project is designing a Human-Machine Interface e-textile jacket for the hospitality industry to control cart-bot robots serving drinks to customers who are waiting to check in at a hotel. The jacket also connects to the cloud where it can help the wearer manage their stress levels in the workspace and control the smart hotel environment through an embroidered touchpad on the arm of the jacket, controlling the Cart-Bot robot.  

Anina Net (Germany)

ANINA NET fashion technologist with over 10 years of experience in creating digital services and hardware products. She have been working in mass production and produced over 50 products for her own brand and for her clients, which are INTEL, IBM, NOKIA, and SAMSUNG. Anina Net is a fashion model and a technology entrepreneur. She has lived in China for 10 years. Her family are computer engineers and she is a leader in the fashion tech space worldwide. 

Dr Paulina Chilarska (Poland)

DR PAULINA CHILARSKA entrepreneur with special interest in Artificial Intelligence and in science. She holds a PhD in Computational Biology/Stem Cell Biology from the University of Cambridge and will be handling all the robotic research and AI. Dr Chilarska is an avid public speaker and educator with a mission to marry the millennial business models with more traditional approaches for greater efficiency, flexibility and scalability. Dr Chilarska speaks five languages including Chinese. 

MOON Berlin (Germany)

MOON Berlin. Freelance Fashion Designer since 2009, Christian will be handling all design related activities including, jacket design, robot appearance and design, concept and usability. Diplom-Designer (FH), nearly 10 years’ experience in Fashion Tech Experience/collaborations: Fraunhofer IZM, 360 Fashion, IBM, Siegfried Wagner Stiftung Bayreuth, Stanford University, Stretchable Circuits, Microsoft, Telekom, Alpha Industries and more.