Live cladding with light and sound for interior architecture, furniture and art

The project

iMorfé arises from the Darwinian concept of adapting the individual to the environment and proposes an investment of roles: That it is the medium that suits the viewer, in an environment conditioned by Information overload and infoxication, reinforcing the individual identity.
Its design based on originami, ancestral paper folding technique, will be done by hand and then integrated into a set with technology based on music, light and movement, giving it the ability to react. All this, carried out mostly in ecological materials, bringing sustainability by flag and returning mostly where nature belongs.


UNIVERSO EIRIN is a design studio, in Seville. The designer has never stopped creating and developing products and spaces with contemporary designs. The versatility of her work and more than twenty years’ experience in the interior design and decoration sector have led to her exhibiting at the Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid. Mercedes Eirín’s work has won several major prizes. 

Subway Lab (Italy)

SUBWAY LAB is an organisation sum of visions on the visual communication sector, on the video story, on the web of a group of people.