Gelatex x NO/AN


The project

Gelatex is a leather-like material, made of organic non-toxic substances for a greener environment. The idea is to use waste material from the meat and leather industry. The product is obtained from gelatine which makes it easily scalable and much cheaper compared to real leather. The project idea is to use this innovative material for the creation of the first ever collection of bags with enhanced properties of colour, abrasion resistance and  durability and working on the integration of the material in the design of the bag collection. The idea is to foster the European traditional crafted bags industry introducing more sustainable materials with highly creative designs for those who value sustainability, innovation and contemporary design, to reduce overconsumption and improve the durability and sustainability of products which impact on society.

Gelatex Technologies OÜ (Estonia)

GELATEX TECHNOLOGIES OÜis an Estonian start-up founded in 2016 by two partners (one a materials scientist and the other a garment technologist) whose mission is to produce accessible and affordable eco-friendly products. The company develops a leather like textile that is cheaper and greener than real leather. The material is made of gelatine derived from the waste of the meat and leather industries and can make up to 5 times more material from one animal. 

NO/AN Studio Oy (Finland)

NO/AN STUDIO OY founded in 2016, mainly as a reaction to overconsumption and the reckless speed of growth in the fashion industry. Anna the company’s founder and chief designer, wanted to create timeless high-quality bags that broke from seasonal dictates of fashion trends.