Fugazi Fugazi


The project

Terrazzo has an inert beauty combined with unique qualities that allow unexploited potential. The furniture developed by the project will bring together tradition, aesthetics and functionality. New products using this material will help the partnership to revive the declining terrazzo craft.


STUDIO SOETHOUDT as a visual communication designer, the core value of Studio Soethoudt design is to tell a story and how it visually translates a variety of subjects and pulls them together in a single, moment. Dion Soethoudt graduated in Man and Communication from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016. His resumé includes international projects, collaborating with specialists in countries as far apart as Portugal (Azores), Lithuania and Japan. Dion will be in charge of the research, concept and design.


EUROSURFACES PORTUGAL is a Portuguese company that has been producing agglomerated marble since 1980, they will collaborate with their expertise in working with the material and will produce the products at their plant.