Seamless modular clothing, digitally crafted

The project

Seamless modular clothing, digitally crafted, locally & on-demand produced, which you can transform in a quick and easy way.

Elisabeth Jayot, FRAGMENTS GARMENTS, digital fashion crafts Research & Design Studio (france)

Fashion designer who graduated in 2014 with an M.A. from National Superior School of Decorative Arts of Paris. Her diploma collection received a summa cum laude distinction and ended up being selected for an exhibition at Museum Pompidou Centre.

Zoe Romano, WEMAKE, digital manufacturing FabLab (italy)

Innovative enterprise based in Milan providing a series of services and training to the creative community in the field of digital and traditional manufacturing and access to a fully equipped Fab Lab focused on the design and fashion sector. With its 250sq/mt urban multi-functional factory, provides open and membership based access to digital fabrication tools. WeMake is clearing the difference between prototype and finished object.