From high heels to flat shoes in seconds

The project

Heelena Foldable High Heels.
High Heels that can be changed to flat shoes in seconds, as a design basis for future shoes.

HEELENA (Germany)

Made up a team of engineers that after gathering experiences in different university projects, they started the project Heelena, first as a student-project and later as a startup to solve the problem of the foldable high heel. They have already constructed, tested and patented the core mechanism of the shoe.


Is a new shoe designer based in London and the creator of JORIPAPA SHOES. Despite having studied architecture, her dream was always to become a fashion designer and, in 2016, she managed to develop her first shoe collection as a self-taught new designer. Her background in architecture helps in the design process, mainly in creating the dialogue between shape, structure, pattern and colours.