A fish skin clutch collection

The project

FISHSKINLAB by Elisa Palomino.
A fish skin clutch collection using ocean food waste while preserving the planet’s natural resources.  

elisa palomino (uk)

Fashion designer who studied at Central Saint Martins. She brings her connections with the industry in different countries and institutions having earned 25 years’ experience, including Head of the Studio of international designers and presence in international fashion weeks. She has also been a lecturer at International Universities.


Fish-leather manufacturers using four different fish species (salmon, perch, wolffish and cod) in a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes. The idea itself is rooted in tradition where centuries ago Icelanders wore shoes made of wolffish skin.

Campomaggi AND Caterina LUCCHI (italy)

Leather brand embraces the passion for details, creativity, luxury and the painstaking care inherent in the artisan processes used in the ancient art of leather working.