The project

A series of entirely recycled and recyclable designed bags made from repurposed ghost nets sealed into a double layer of recycled fabric. The idea is to combine fabrics with the recycled plastic and since each fishing net is different, every bag will have a unique, random pattern. The bags will retain the pattern of the net conserving the history of the product and adding poetry to the final product. The project combines craftmanship and technological innovation with an approach for upcycling and combining synthetic materials.

Mattia Akkerman (France)

MATTIA AKKERMAN is a fashion designer whose work has been widely recognised, not only from her preliminary stages as a student at the prestigious ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, but also throughout her professional career. She was a finalist in Lichting 2011 and in H&M Design Award 2012 and has also been working as assistant designer first at Chloé and then Ives Saint Laurent, where she currently develops her imagination.

Polymer Sience Park (Netherlands)

POLYMER SCIENCE PARK leader in recycling innovative plastics in the Netherlands, since its founding in 2012. In addition to R & D services, they also offer consulting, production and testing, training programs and a centre of learning for students and beginners. The company specialises in the Circular Economy and Intelligent Technology transforming its clients’ strategies into sustainable products that preserve the environment, thereby improving the world we live in.