Luxury bags merging tradition and technology

The project

Luxury and quality bags, where the design can be crafted in ecological leather, and tradition and technology match to be used in excess. Added value given by a removable geolocation as a security system in case the bag will be forgotten or stolen

adbuse (spain)

Adbuse, a brand of unique leather bags created by Edurne Navarro, founded in Spain in 2016 to offer accessories with excess design and quality. AdBUSE collections offer timeless versatile bags that are able to be transformed and adapted into different styles. 


geoband (spain)

A technology company that creates wearables and hardware to meet people’s needs. The company was founded in 2014 in Spain. During these years, GEO BAND has been developing a flexible wearable GPS tracker for people, pets and belongings.


castellari (italy)

Was established in 1952 and has been operating in the leather-working market for more than 60 years, producing medium-high quality goods. Each handbag bears a holographic numbered tag inside the zipper pocket that testifies that Castellari is 100% made in Italy. Castellari manufacturers are highly experienced artisans who produce unique pieces with skilled hands.