The project

“Myhand” artificial hand project provides a solution for people with congenital malformations of the hand and amputees. This social innovation comprises two important dimensions: a functional one which comprises ideal fit, right size and shape – personalised, and other various functions; and a more emotional dimension which aims to personalises the experience by feeling like “I use prosthesis when I want, not when others expect me to”.

To undertake the project the future developmental steps are the following ones: 1) 3D scanning of arms of at least 5 potential users with congenital malformation of the hand; 2) Advanced 3D virtual model development, based on scanned arms; 3) Parametric model development; 4) Parametric adjustment for each user; 5) Prototype 3D printing; 6) Testing and 7) Photo shooting. 

Michal Piasecki (Poland)

MICHAL PIASECKI works with designers such as Joris Laarman Lab and Thorsten Franc. He creates custom software that enables the generation of complex geometry. He co-founded, which makes personalised furniture available across the EU. He also teaches designers to code. 

Michal studied architecture in Warsaw and then coding with design focus in Barcelona and London. His professional interest is in coding and entrepreneurship. He creates new business models connecting design, local manufacturing and circular economy. 


Dorota studied design at ASP Poznan and IAAC Barcelona. Her passion for design and sports are the basis for her professional path. She has completed (designed, directed) various projects based on a User-Centred Design method, collaborating with social scientists.  

Dorota will be responsible for the design and ergonomics of the prosthesis socket. She will analyse data from 3D scans, create a 3D model of the socket and in collaboration with Michal Piasecki she will prepare a base for parametric model development. 

FabLab Malaga (Spain)

A digital fabrication laboratory specialising in 3D printing. Its primary goal is to undertake important projects for the local community. Fab Lab has a diverse set of 3D printers, which are an ideal fit for the development of the “myhand” socket. 

Fab Lab Malaga is well established in its local community and is a part of worldwide network of fab labs, which features over 1,000 digital manufacturing centres. Collaboration with Fab Lab Malaga enables other parties involved to tap into a wide network of experts.