The project

Artistic piece that looks like one garment but it is composed by 9 differents garments. When you dissamble the main piece it turns into a small collection of individual garments.

Leandro Cano SL (Spain)

LEANDRO CANO SL is a brand of womenswear that works with craftsmen to bring to life innovative designs. The company has close ties with art, culture, environmental sustainability and innovation. Leandro Cano has won many awards during his career: 2012 Designer for Tomorrow award; 2014 Samsung Innovation Project; 2016/17 Spanish representative in the International Woolmark Prise in Milan and 2018/19 Who’s On Next Vogue 2017 in Hong Kong. 


MASTELAS textile and patchwork trade. The Patchwork school teaches and develops ideas and projects with the help of craftswomen who transmit traditional techniques from generation to generation to keep tradition alive. 


LABEL-GRAINE was born from a dream and inspired by the work of a photo-engraver (Michel Graveur). Valtex Group is a family industry, which has set its mark on the textile printing world. The company diversified over time and now seeks to pass on the excellence of know-how and innovative capacity it has successfully managed to acquire and develop. With more than 35 years’ experience, Valtex Group opens its doors in order to share its skills and join with anyone interested in collaboration projects. The company gets its drive and strength from its human values and team spirit.