Customisable ankle boot NEON

The project

ACDL Artisan Chausseur Design Lab | ACDL.1 | Customisable ankle boot NEON

ACDL (Laure Wolff & Jean-Baptiste Ferrato) (France)

Footwear designer familiar with the complete product creation life cycle up to commercialization. Laure Wolff has wide experience in branding, design and sales strategy as she was in charge of developing a luxury footwear brand for an investment company, worked as a shoe designer for a British brand (Allyn) and a Spanish artisanal brand (Riudavets). She is always looking for new brands/projects as a designer and she is currently developing her own project/brand.


Footwear manufacturing company of 54 employees based in the Marche region in Italy, the main shoe hub of Italy. La Manuelita was born in 1973 as a family business producing luxury ladies’ shoes. Continuously developing and evolving over the years, it nevertheless kept working in the traditional regional way, assembling the product using pieces and processes of highly specialized regional artisans.