3D knitwear on demand


The project

Virtual 3D knitwear design template with a variety of shapes and sizes. Each design is built from building blocks that can be used to create a personalised piece of knitwear. The idea is to create a template and connect it to the Shasize virtual fitting tool. This approach requires two types of building blocks: visual (virtual design in Clo3D) and in Knitcode (3D knit patterns). The project will connect three processes that make personal knitwear possible on a potentially large scale.  

  1. Virtual knitwear design built up as a modular collection, offered to consumers in an attractive package
  2. Virtual fitting connected to digital tailoring: dressing people instead of selling (standard-sized clothing).
  3. Creating personalised knit-code to operate 3D knitting machines and produce personal knitwear for real.

New Industrial Order (Netherlands)

New Industrial Order fashion-tech designer brand that makes 3D printed knitwear on demand. They create personalised knit-code for 3D knitting machines that they use as 3D printers, to save waste and energy in fashion. It started as a design research project to create a sustainable fashion supply chain by developing technology for clean, fast and local design and production anywhere in the world. Now it forms part of the EU-subsidised Climate KIC Accelerator.

Shasize (Belgium)

Shasize spinoff from doctorate research in Anthropometrics completed by Femke Dankaerts at the University of Antwerp. Shasize is in the validation phase of the technology and in the early start-up phase with co-founder, Wouter van Putten.
Femke Dankaerts holds a Master of Applied Sciences in Industrial Electronics and is currently working on her doctorate in Anthropometrics at the University of Antwerp.

Parrillus (Spain)

Parrillu’s has been co-developing and producing the 3D printed Knitwear by The Girl and the Machine since 2016. Parrillu’s is a family business which is fully equipped with all the latest machinery and technology (Shima Seiki whole-garment, flat knitting machines, 3D computers). Parrillu’s is an ideas laboratory that produces a wide variety of knitwear for well-known luxury brands.