WORTH would like to introduce the opening of this year’s International Exhibition of Young Authors which is being organized by Plan D and will commence on the 27th of September – the international educational design platform that came out of the program upgrade process of D-DAY – an international design festival, held in Zagreb, Croatia.

The competition opens its doors to a wide range of content and formats from the fields of design graphic, industrial, fashion and speculative design, digital media and interaction design, research design and typography. Plan D understands that as a designer, you must solve problems to improve the quality of life and the well-being of society in general, we actively participate in these efforts on a daily basis, making design practices inherently ethical.

Thus, every product that we design has inherent social, ecological, economic and political values that are reflected in the process of production, but also in its consumption i.e. use. When selecting the works, the selection jury will, besides the quality of a particular work, consider its articulation in the context of the festival’s theme. Hence, those authors who openly and critically reflect and evaluate their work within the festival’s theme, will receive special consideration.

Plan D is focused on expanding the understanding of the design profession, which is often perceived one-dimensionally among the general, but also the expert, public. Rather, design will be presented as a profession that changes dynamically in the context of frequent technological development and which presents the designer with new demands and challenges. Alongside with the traditional design practices, Plan D will push to the forefront those that continually extend the boundaries of understanding and fields of application of design – design as a concept, criticism, scenario and speculation, collaborative methodologies and strategy. Surveys will be exhibited at the exhibition alongside the works themselves, with the goal to open space for discussion about the possibilities, limits and responsibilities of the design practice. Selected works will be exhibited from September 27th to September 30th, 2018, within the Plan D Festival, and published in the festival catalog, on the official website and on social networks.

The deadline for the International Exhibition of Young Authors is the 7th of September


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Image: CCI Hauts de France