Each of our Steering Board members have had their own successes within the European creative industry, such as Sebastian Thies who is the founder and designer of nat-2™ footwear brand.

nat-2™ is a luxury state-of-the-art footwear brand based in Munich, Germany which is founded on driving innovation and offering supreme quality.

Sebastian founded the company in 2007 and formed the brand from one of the oldest shoe-dynasties in Europe, representing the 6th generation shoemaker and creator since 1856.

The style of the brand finds an amazing blend between futuristic products and strong heritage roots drawing inspiration from 90’s graffiti, street and boardsport culture that merges innovation and technology.

Products are produced with luxurious materials on futuristic high-tech items or classic and rugged styles from the company’s archives. The products are all designed in Germany and then produced in factories in italy and spain.

nat-2™ is sold in the finest boutiques, department stores, high end streetwear and concept stores as well as in high profile online stores including: Opening Ceremony, Galeries Lafayette Paris & Beijing and La Rinascente Milano as well as running its own concept store in Munich under the name

For more information regarding the label find their website here


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