Innovative thinking and colour in fashion expert

Lectures on innovative thinking and colour in fashion. Writing a book about creatives on their creative thought processes.

Margaret has over 18 years’ experience in colour, design, fashion and art. Her recent work in retail design consisted of creating concepts based on the client’s brand DNA for large retail projects in many countries. She has a long experience of handling multiple projects simultaneously, providing direction for creating visual merchandising concepts and implementation. She has also “talent spotted” and nurtured creative talent (artists, textile designers, furniture designs etc ) on many projects.

She is currently lecturing at the Cracow school of fashion and design, in Poland and the Business and Technical University in Chongquin, China. She lectures on innovative thinking & disruption, colour design in fashion, personal branding, visual merchandising concepts and global trends in fashion. She is writing a book on creativity, gathering insights from leading creatives on their creative thought processes.

#fashion #creativity #interiordesign