Madrid Design Festival is an international event that wants to convert Madrid into the capital of design and elevate the city to a privileged position on the international arena. The festival is held in February and will encompass all design disciplines, from architecture to graphic design, communications to interior design, all of them hybridising into a contemporary and innovative format.


Madrid Design Festival is a widespread project that infiltrates every corner of the city, becoming the very best tool to democratize design and transmit the importance of this discipline that transforms our lives each and every day. A language capable of generate methodologies, change mentalities, positively alter our environment and, above all, redesign the world.


The festival is full of ambitious proposals that will place design on the city’s cultural calendar, attracting national and international visitors to its exhibits and workshops that will be held at different places throughout the capital


And to do so, Madrid Design Festival proposes a cross-disciplinary programme to showcase creations both from leading designers and new young professionals. The Festival works to convert Madrid, every February, into a city-wide celebration, opening the season during which the city becomes a cutting-edge space in the fields of design and creativity, with world-renowned events.


Since its inception, Madrid Design Festival, devised and created by La Fábrica under the direction of Álvaro Matías, has worked in collaboration with an advisory committee made up of independent experts specialized in different fields.


When: February 1st-29th 2020


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