Inga Markovska

Co-owner and Sales Executive at EMKO

Inga Markovska is the Co-owner and Sales Executive at EMKO, she has a background in social and international economics at the Vilnius University. She has been a selected member of the Lithuanian Design Forum over the past two years.

Emko is a furniture and home décor company based in Lithuania that has masterfully joined the Baltic craftsmanship tradition with modern and unique aesthetics, resulting in warm but contemporary interiors. The company started in 2012 and since then, their collaboration with designers is resulting in a small collection of iconic furniture pieces that are being recognized with prestigious awards including IF and RedDot. Since the IMM Cologne in 2013th, they have visited a number of events and fairs worldwide in Paris, London, Cologne, Singapore, Tokyo, New York and Milano to name a few.

Inga took care of the sales and product selection from the very beginning and is an important asset for building up business relationships between the brand and designers.

She truly believes that design must tackle values beyond the visual image of the brand, it must surprise through the functional solutions integrated in the furniture pieces and has to be aware of the sustainability of the finished product.